Ⅰ.Standard Warranty Terms

Warranty period: Fuji Solar Inverter Technology Co., Ltd.. (hereinafter referred to as Fuji) monophase, triphase and hybrid series inverters come standard with a manufacturer’s warranty of 144 months (12 years) from the earlier data between the following two dates: 1) first installation date; 2) 12- months after the shipment dispatch from Fuji factory. And the accessory products include but not limited to WiFi module, GPRS module, LAN module, Data logger and CT etc come standard with a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months (2 years) under the same conditions.

Scope of application: This warranty terms apply to the inverters and accessories which purchased from Fuji.

Geographical scope: The Fuji Limited warranty terms and conditions only apply for the devices which are originally purchased from channels authorized by Fuji unless there are specially stipulated warranty
terms and conditions between Fuji and the direct purchaser. For any units sold for one country/region but installed in another country/region, the warranty will become invalid if Fuji does not provide written confirmation/approval prior to the installation.

Extended warranty: Our customers can purchase extended warranty service from our sales or service team for their inverters within 24 months after the warranty is effective.

Warranty certificates: Please keep the original purchasing invoice or receipt carefully. Customers need to present it for warranty claim if required.

Ⅱ. Warranty Policies

1. If the machine fails or does not work due to technical defects or material problems during the warranty period, please contact our company by email at service@fuji-solar.com to claim. According to the Fuji warranty terms and conditions, if the machine fails, please provide the following information or documents to us (this information will help the after-sales team to deal with the machine problem):

  1. Inverter model name and serial number.
  2. Purchasing receipt or invoice.
  3.  Solar system configuration information such as panel brand, panel type, panel connection method, grid voltage etc.
  4.  Inverter fault message (incl. fault code, fault pictures) and other describable information of the fault.
  5.  Inverter historical fault information (if has).

2. If the machine fails or does not work due to technical defects or material problems during the warranty period, Fuji will provide the following supports according to the actual situation:

  1. Online support.
  2. Return to Fuji for repairing.
  3. Repair on-site.
  4. Replace the components or inverter (for the inverter which stopped producing, Fuji will offer you an equivalent inverter as replacement).

Note: If the machine is replaced in the warranty period, the remaining warranty of faulty machine will
be automatically transferred to the new replaced machine. The machine must be packed in its original
packaging or equivalent packing if it’s requested to return to a designated place.

Ⅲ. Warranty Exceptions

Any circumstances disclosed in the list below are not covered by Fuji warranty terms and conditions:

  1. Machine without any Fuji Mark
  2. Machine warranty is expired (unless warranty extension agreements signed between each other).
  3. Damages or failures caused by using the components or firmware which are not from Fuji.
  4. Damages or failures caused by operation, repair, disassembly or modification which operated by non-authorized person.
  5. Damages or failures caused by the operation or using scope beyond the relevant national standards or industrial standards and any installations or operations violated Fuji specified installation circumstances.
  6. Deliberately ruin, make indelible mark or steal etc.
  7. Damages caused by unpredictable factors or force majeure such as earthquake, stormy weather, flood, lightening, fire and pests etc.
  8. Other not caused by Fuji products quality damages.
  9. Damages occurred in transit.

If the above situations happened, and customer requires maintenance services for failed machine, we can provide paid services after being judged by the relevant service team, and the specific cost shall be based on the actual accounting.

Ⅳ. Paid Service

For the machines which are not within the warranty period or are exempted from warranty, Fuji can provide paid maintenance services and the expense includes but not limited to one or several of the following:

  1. On-site service expense: engineer travel expense, repairing and commissioning expense etc.
  2. Material cost: the cost of the components which used for repairing machine.
  3. Freight: the freight of the machine to and from the installation place.

Ⅴ. Other Important Matters

  1. The above clauses stipulated the liability all the products we sold and replaced the other express or implied guarantees, without written confirmation, Fuji doesn’t assume any liability beyond above clauses.
  2. In the event that machine fails to operate properly, the company’s liability to the user is limited to repair and replace the machine in accordance with the above clauses. In addition, there’s no more other responsibilities or obligations.
  3. If any clauses in above are considered to be contrary of the applicable law, we will implement it in accordance with the law and the other clauses are still effective.